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PPT for event: Pronouncing Chinese Names

Recording of event: Pronouncing Chinese Names

PPT for the BALEAP AGM and 50th Anniversary event Lightning Talk on: The Future of EAP includes TNE

PPT for the BALEAP AGM and 50th Anniversary event:

PPT for event: Sustaining learning communities across borders: a UK-China TNE partnership through and beyond COVID

Let’s hear from our TNE students

If you couldn’t make it to our TNE SIG event Let’s Hear from our TNE Students, on the 10th January, the recording is available on our YouTube channel

Event PowerPoint Slides

TNE Resources

TNE staff development

  • Dobos, K. (2011). “Serving two masters” – academics’ perspectives on working at an offshore campus in Malaysia. Educational Review 63(1), 19-35.  This article reports on research into the perspectives of academics working at an offshore campus in Malaysia and highlights the importance of institutions employing quality staff who are happy in their role. 4 key themes: professional practice, communication, QA, and curriculum issues.
  • Hicks, M. and Jarrett, K., 2008. Providing instruction, orientation and professional development for all staff involved in transnational teaching. In Wallace, M. and Dunn, L. eds. Teaching in transnational higher education: enhancing learning for offshore international students. Routledge.  The chapter outlines findings of a research project into TNE professional development, describes the PD framework developed, and discusses how the framework was implemented.
  • Smith, L., (2009). Sinking in the sand? Academic work in an offshore campus of an Australian university. Higher Education Research & Development, 28(5), pp.467-479.  This article: (1) stresses the importance of professional development programmes for TNE; (2) reports on the author’s study that highlights the importance of staff induction for an offshore campus, developed specifically for local needs and context. Local staff mustn’t be left to ‘sink in the sand.’
  • Dunn, L. & Wallace, M. (2008). Eds. Teaching in transnational higher education: Enhancing learning for offshore international students. London: Routledge.    Chapters address trends and topics in TNE, across a range of locations and programme types. See in particular: Chapter 8 ‘Towards a Fusion Model for the Teaching and Learning of English in a Chinese Context’ (Bjorning-Gyde, Doogan & East); Chapter 9 ‘Dealing with Student Plagiarism in Transnational Teaching’ (Jude Carroll).

EAP in specific contexts

  • Cheng, A. (2016). EAP at the tertiary level in China: Challenges and possibilities. In K. Hyland & P. Shaw (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes (pp. 97–108). New York and London: Routledge. Given the number of TNE partnerships in China, this overview of EAP practice in the Chinese university sector could be useful for those (like this contributor) who don’t have a deep familiarity with the context.

We’ve compiled a list of useful TNE-focused resources for research and practice in EAP. It’s a work in progress, so please share your suggestions with our community. We also welcome general comments.

General TNE reports and data

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